Asia Largest Investors' Summit 
is LIVE in Malaysia!
Revealing The Untold Stories Behind The World’s Most Successful Investors!
Value Investing Summit is BACK in 2019!
Showing You How He Turn USD 300,000 To USD 200 Millions In 17 Years!
Tap into the Network of the World’s Best Investors
Revealing The "TOP SECRETS" From The Hidden Hero Investors
Dear Value Investor, 
YES! It is that time of the year again...
Value Investing Summit(VIS) is back in 2019 and we are sending you an official invitation to join us!
This is the 8th year of the Value Investing Summit, every year we bring together the top-notch investors to show you EXACTLY what scaled up their investment portfolio from hundreds to millions in results, and you can duplicate these insights and strategy to enhance your investment journey!
During the VIS, you will meet the world-best hidden champion investors who never "advertise" their success strategies in the market before! However, they are coming over to reveal the untold stories behind their multi-million portfolio.

There were novice and seasoned investors who attended last year, not knowing what to expect... and this year they have successfully compounded their returns and accumulate wealth to achieve their financial goal!
You will be literally sitting in the room and surround yourself with hundreds of millionaires and people who are hungry to level up their investment result just like you!
Our message to you is
  • You are the next one who be the change of your financial results
  • Is your time to surround yourself with the whole new level of investor's network
  • Is your turn to take away at least ONE THING to improve your investment journey
Learning The Hundreds Of Value Investing Tactics And Insights
Illustrating the powerful returns that can be achieved with value investing is what we do every year during Value Investing Summit. You will see how we evaluate listed companies, and how you can use the same strategies to uncover the true worth of your stock investments.
It's true that sometimes, we don't know what we don't know. Interact with fellow investors at Value Investing Summit to discover new insights to different industries so that you might polish up your own portfolio. Being able to see things in from a different angle can oftentimes make a huge difference to your returns!
Industry fund managers will be sharing insights on where they are focusing their attention. You get to see investment strategies that they implement.
Dr Niwes Hemvachiravarakorn - The Warren Buffett of Thailand 
He Has Made 30-40% Annual Return 
Through Value Investing
“To be a successful value investor, you have to become familiar with your own three lamps”
A few decades ago, Dr. Niwes was a salary man working around the clock.
Originally an engineer, he shifted to a career in finance, and eventually served as an executive for a finance company. But as luck would have it, the 1997 Asian financial crisis hit Thailand and left him laid off with no promising prospects. With a saving of around 300,000 USD, he decided to invest it, simply as a way to earn a living.
With time on his hands after the economic bubble burst, Dr. Niwes delved deeper into the world of investment, writing in business newspapers, speaking on radio programs, and co-hosting a business TV show. He has taught Value Investing in countless seminars and university lectures, and written over ten widely popular books on the subject.
he has a portfolio of over $200 millions
As an investor who has sailed through the ups and downs of the market, and one who turned a crisis into an opportunity, Dr. Niwes will share his story, his experiences, and what it actually takes to become “accidentally” super rich.

Bringing You The Power House Speakers
10X Your Investment Results
Ken Chee
Chairman & Executive Director of 8I Holdings
Clive Tan
Executive Director of 8I Holdings
More Power House Investing Experts Are Coming On Your Way Soon...
Mr Vishal Khandelwal
Teacher and Practitioner of Value Investing, Founder of

Hear From Last Year Attendees
People Love Our Summit
Senior Portfolio Manager 
" It's INCREDIBLE to meet the investing giants with similar philosophy but different company analysis!"
Great-niece of Sir John M. Templeton.
"Is great thing to bring in the Value Investing Conference to Asia!"
Value Investor
"There are lots of insight that i never heard of! These speakers line up are amazing!"
This coming year of Value Investing Summit would be one of the most fascinating experience for new born and season investors! You are going to explore into the world-renowned giants in value investing! From mindset to blueprint to strategy to execution to RESULTS!
It is a MUST-GO summit if you’re desiring to scale up your investment portfolio and shorten your period to achieve your desired financial goal.
An event beyond the usual investing jargon, uncover the true revolution from industry 1.0 to industry 4.0, arm yourself with the proven approaches and insights using by the world best investors!

10,000 Attendees
7 Countries
13,000 Graduate
100 Yearly Events
RECAP What You Will Be Taking Away To Scale Your Results...
Bonus #1 : Proven Company Case Studies Analyse By Hidden Champion Team ($497)
Irresistible hidden champion company case studies will be reveal ONLY in Value Investing Summit 2019! These case studies are done by the Hidden Champion Investment Team in the well-known listed company- 8I Holdings, where they are managing $40 millions company funding with average 20% annual return!

*Results showcase the previous year company discussion performance
2 Days Ultimate Access Pass : Discover The Untold Stories And Insights From The 8 Hidden Multi-Millionaire Investors  ($697)
Dr Niwes is the leading amongst the 8 multi-millionaire investors to uncover the methods they use to compound their wealth 5-10 times from where they were!

And you can DUPLICATE the formula and take away at least ONE STRATEGY and apply it into your investment journey, you will see how it skyrocket your profile with the proven approaches where no other "gurus" out there will be sharing with you.

Plus Special Bonus: FIRST 87 Members Only
Bonus #1 : Online Live Replay of VIS 2018 ($197)
Exclusive Online Live Replay of Value Investing Summit 2018! (ONLY FOR THE FIRST 300 REGISTRATION)
This will blow your mind with past year speakers sharing their top stealthy strategies which they will not be appearing for this year VIS. You are able to learn from them despite the event is over!
Bonus #2 : "Investing Secret Guide" ($ 47)
Special "Investing Secret Guide" physical book will be given away to YOU! Where you can start applying the strategy step-by-step used by successful investors

VIS 2019 - Speaker Line Up
Ken Chee, Chairman & Executive Director of 8I Holdings
Ken is the co-founder of the 8I Holdings Limited (ASX: 8IH) and its subsidiaries.
An entrepreneur at heart, Ken Chee co-founded 8 Investment in the height of the Lehman Brothers crisis with the sole mission to create sustainable value through investments, business, and education.
Within six years, Ken transformed 8 Investment from a private investment business with minimum start-up capital, into a public-listed company (8I Holdings Limited) with a market capitalisation of A$250,000,000 in 2016.
Today, 8I Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries is a leading investment and education organisation, enriching the lives of countless individuals and empowering their growth financially, emotionally & mentally.

Clive Tan, Executive Director of 8I Holdings
Clive started his career as a secondary school educator in Singapore. While teaching, the concept of value investing caught his attention and ignited his interest in investments. He later met Ken in a mastermind group, where they would meet regularly to discuss investment strategies.
In 2008, Clive and Ken founded 8 Investment. They took the company from a start-up to being listed on the ASX as 8I Holdings Limited (8IH) in 2014. 
As a speaker and trainer, Clive has touched the lives of more than 10,000 individuals through numerous educational programs and engagements.
Today, as Executive Director, Clive is involved in the company’s strategic planning, development and risk management, corporate policies and managing the group’s human capital.
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Giant Value Investors Show Case In VIS 2018
PS: You can google them in case you do not know who they are
Mohammed Ali-Reda
Senior Portfolio Manager at OP Investment Management
Dr.Hermann Simon
Honorary Chairman and Founder of Global Consultancy Simon-Kucher & Partner
Lauren Templeton
Great-niece of Sir John M. Templeton.
Pauline Teo
Chief Operation Officer of 8VIC Global Pte. Ltd.
VIS 2019 -Speaker Line Up #2
 What Are The Dates For "Value Investing Summit 2019"?
19th & 20th January 2019, 9AM - 6PM.
 Where Is The Venue For The Event?
The event will be hosted at the Connexion Conference & Event Centre, Bangsar South. You can view it at Google Maps HERE.
 Can Anyone Attend This Event?
Yes, if you have (or want to have) a scalability investment portfolio, then this LIVE event is for you!
 Can I Bring My Spouse Or A Guest?
Due to VERY limited seats, every person must purchase a ticket to the event.  
 Can I Get A Refund If I Can't Attend?
We are not offering refund for the ticket, but the ticket is transferrable to your guest.
 What Should I Wear?
Smart Casual. Bring your jacket if needed because our room will be cool!
 Other Questions?
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